Estate Administration


Our charges in dealing with the administration of a non-contentious estate from start to finish are on average 1.5% – 2% of the gross value of an estate (calculated for inheritance tax purposes) plus VAT.

Our charges for obtaining a Grant of Representation only e.g. Grant of Probate start from £750 plus VAT for non-taxable simple estates or start from £2,000 plus VAT for more complex estates where the HM Revenue & Customs form IHT400 together with its supplementary pages are required.

  • The guide price above are estimates based on recent instructions; the actual cost to you will depend on a number of factors which we will discuss with you if you decide to instruct us.
  • The charges will be on a fixed fee basis agreed with you at the beginning of the matter. Unless it is specifically requested, we do not charge on a time basis to administer estates. The clock is NOT ticking every time you contact us. We like our clients to be able to contact us and meet with us when they want to and as many times as they like to discuss the administration and not be worried about how much time they are taking up.
  • Other costs (disbursements, expenses and Inheritance Tax) on top of our charges. These are fees that will often need to be paid on behalf of the estate as part of the process, such as Probate Registry fees (approx. £157), commissioner swear fees (approx. £7 per Personal Representative), London Gazette advert fees (approx. £150), Inheritance Tax (see tax calculator These disbursements and expenses will depend very much on what assets and liabilities are relevant to the estate and how many executors and beneficiaries there are.

If you specifically request us to deal with your matter on a time basis we will happily do so, the hourly rates are set out below.


Our people involved in doing the work are listed below. Please visit their individual profiles on the website for further details.

  • Duncan Weir – Partner/Solicitor – Qualified 2006 – £210 per hour plus vat
  • Marie Harder – Solicitor – Qualified 2014 – £190 per hour plus vat
  • Leanna Haskell – Chartered Legal Executive – £190 per hour plus vat
  • Linda Hall – Private Client Executive – £150 per hour plus vat


When obtaining a Grant of Representation only, we aim to finalise the paperwork for completion by the Personal Representatives within two weeks of receiving all the information from them. We aim to send the paperwork to the Probate Registry within one week of receiving the completed paperwork from the Personal Representatives. On successful applications the Probate Registry take approximately 2-4 weeks to issue a Grant. On more complex estates or where Inheritance Tax is applicable, HM Revenue & Customs are taking approximately 3 weeks – 2 months to acknowledge receipt of the completed paperwork and initial payment of Inheritance Tax.

When dealing with the entire administration of an uncontested estate, the average administration can take up to 12 months. We endeavour to deal with the administration as efficiently and as timely as possible. However, every estate is unique and timescales will have large variances depending on the individual circumstances.