Family Law Matters

Going through a divorce or a separation or dissolution of a civil partnership is a distressing time, particularly as it often involves resolving children, financial and property issues.

At Rutters solicitors, you will meet a caring and understanding Family Solicitor to talk to about your relationship issues. We do not judge, we simply aim to help you but it is not just what we do, it is the way we do it, with patience and a friendly attitude all at a competitive price which our clients value.

What sets our Family Solicitors apart is:

  • we value you and offer a personal, bespoke service;
  • a competitively priced service;
  • high quality legal advice you would expect.

If you have property or pensions or investments you will want to ensure that any agreement you make about how to divide them is fair and reasonable. Our Family Solicitors can help with this.

We will advise you on how to meet your own financial needs and the needs of your children.

Our Family Solicitors have the expertise to help you in the following areas:


We appreciate you will, of course, be concerned about incurring legal fees. We can advise you fully about our hourly rates and the estimated cost of any work you wish to be carried out. We also offer a fixed fee service and a Pay as You Go Advice Service. Details of our costs will be discussed with you at your first appointment.

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Our Family Matters Team: