Residential Property – Transfer of Equity

Transfers of Equity


Our fees will cover the standard work required to complete your transfer of equity, including repayment of any mortgages (if necessary).

Each matter is unique and the details of our fees are a guide for a standard transaction. Additional charges may apply for any of the following circumstances:-

  • Perfecting a defective title
  • Dealing with multiple parties and solicitors
  • Obtaining consent from an existing lender

The above list is not exhaustive and so we recommend that you contact us so that we can discuss the details of your matter and provide a personal and tailored estimate for you.

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Our fees do not include disbursements, which are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties. We will handle these payments on your behalf to ensure a smooth process. There will be some disbursement that we can calculate at the beginning of the transaction but some may arise or may not be able to be confirmed until the process is underway. Below is a list of common disbursements although this list is not exhaustive and will depend on the details of the matter (such as whether it is a flat or a house):

Land Registry copy documents fees – this will depend on whether the property is registered and will vary from around £6 to £20.

Electronic Transfer fee – £35 plus VAT – We will have to make this charge for each time we are required to transfer money electronically, such as paying off a mortgage.

VAT – Where fees attract VAT, we will automatically pay this.

Leasehold fees – If you are transferring a leasehold property there will be additional fees to pay to the landlord/managing agent. We will not know these until we receive further information but we will inform you once we are aware of the details.

Indemnity policies – these can be useful in protecting against certain issues or defects.

Stamp Duty Land Tax – This can apply even in a transfer of equity. The rules can be complicated and depend on the amount of any existing mortgage and so please contact us for more information or you can visit


Changing the names on a title can seem like a simple process but several factors need to be taken into account including the consent of any mortgage lender. A standard matter should complete in around 6-8 weeks but each matter is different and so can take longer.

Stages of the process

These are some of the stages involved, although each matter is unique and so the below is only a guide:

  • Taking initial instructions and giving initial advice.
  • Possibly dealing with another solicitor if the other party is represented.
  • Drafting the transfer document and dealing with any legal title issues.
  • If there is a lender, obtaining consent.
  • Considering Stamp Duty Land Tax and other tax matters.
  • Sending documents to be signed.
  • Completing the matter and sending funds if required.
  • Dealing with post completion registration at the Land Registry.


Our people carrying out conveyancing are listed below. Please visit their individual profiles on the website for further details:

  • Catharine Morrison – Solicitor  – Qualified 2003 – £210 per hour plus vat
  • Marie Giles – Solicitor – Qualified 2001 – £210 per hour plus vat
  • Claire Coffin – Solicitor – Qualified 2008 – £210 per hour plus vat